Children in Crossfire

Children in Crossfire

The Taxi Co. are proud to be linked with Children in Crossfire who are now providing relief for children in 14 of the worlds poorest countries.

What They do


Children in Crossfire work to impove young children’s health by supporting organisations to train medical staff and provide equipment, treatment and food. They focus on the inclusion and support of children with disabilities.


Working with partner organisations they train teachers and provide resources so that all young children, including those with disabilities can go to school.


They also work to ensure the rights of young children are protected, by supporting organisations to train professional people, the media and local communities on child rights and by representing young children to key decision makers.

Children in Crossfire


We have been long supporters of Children in Crossfire who are committed to providing aid for Children in the most war torn countries around the world. The Taxi co are happy to donate so that this Derry based charity can continue their good work around the globe and encourage you to do the same.