Drive 105 Radio Station

Drive 105 Radio Station

The Taxi Co are the main Sponsor and Donor of Drive105.3FM, Derry’s local community Radio station. Like the Taxi Co, Drive 105 are an integral part of the local community and have brought some fantastic Radio to its listeners such as ‘From the Terraces’, ‘Saturday Drive Thru’ and ‘For Folks Sake’.

What They do

Drive 105 is a non profit Radio station set up to bring quality radio to it’s listeners. It relies on a host of volunteers and currently operates with a community radio licence broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Drive 105 is 100% community focused and provides potential volunteers with a foot in the door to the media industry, through training and opportunities. If you’d like to volunteer then why now check out their website for more details.

Drive 105 Radio Station


Why not check out Drive 105.3FM and listen to the best of Derry's radio. A community driven station that puts local people first.