The Everglades hotel

The Easy-Going Everglades

If easy-going is your thing, then the luxurious but laid-back Everglades hotel, just 5 minutes from Derry City centre, is your kind of place. A place to relax in comfortable surroundings, enjoy good home-cooked food, have a pint by the fireside, and make friends. Where everything’s easy and nothing’s too much trouble.

The hotel overlooks the River Foyle and the rugged hills of County Donegal. Culture, music and heritage, shopping, sights and golf, mountains, beaches and beautiful countryside literally surround you.

The Everglades hotel


The Everglades Hotel is just a 5 minute drive from Derry City Centre and provides a luxurious but laid back atmosphere. Allowing you to relax when you're not exploring all that Derry has to offer.